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Maldon & Maldon (M&M) works in conjunction with small, independent business, providing services needed in order to run a business more efficiently. Catering to primarily independent business owners, M&M is able to work on a personal level, forging relationships that ensure the needs and desires of each client are heard and addressed. As a local company, M&M is able to utilize its close-knit network of resources to provide a plethora of business solutions aimed at increasing overall productivity for our clients. Our services include promotion, event booking, scheduling, product development, accounting, legal representation, and much more.

M&M operates at the highest industry standard, staffing lawyers, certified accountants, and working in cooperation with individuals holding Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorates in their respective fields. Our stringent screening process, which utilizes background checks, credential analysis, and examination of previous references, guarantees that only fully competent industry leaders are assigned to each client. M&M can only thrive if our clients are successful. Your potential is limitless. Together, we can achieve anything.

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Maldon & Maldon (M&M) is a firm providing business solutions. Founded locally, M&M provides a wide variety of options.



Maldon & Maldon (M&M) provides the following business solutions. Special services may be requested with fair notice.


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We operate under the goal of making business ownership an easier process.
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