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Have you ever been in the predicament of needing an attorney, but not being able to afford one? Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Wouldn't it have been nice to send a copy of it to your lawyer to help you fight it? How much would it have saved you if your lawyer helped you avoid points on your record?

What about your living will? Is it updated? Do you even have one? Your family members, do they have one?

Problems with your employer at work being discriminatory? Why not have your lawyer write them a letter on your behalf? That would surely get someone's attention, wouldn't it?

...Well guess what...

You don't have to wonder or worry anymore! For the affordably low price of $20/month, you can have the support of an entire legal team. If an issue arises and you would like to seek legal counsel, it can now be a phone call away. That's right, for only twenty-dollars a month (about the cost of Monday's lunch) you can have a team of lawyers at your fingertips. No more calling cousin Joe because in his "previous life" he had some run-ins with the law. No more being treated like a second-class citizen. No more dealing with kucklehead tenants (or landlords) all by yourself. No more signing contracts that you don't understand. In fact, before you sign that contract--have your lawyer review it.  Say this with me: "I am sorry. I will need to get back with you. I need to have my lawyer review this; afterall, that's what I pay him for." Take a deep breath...you've just been advanced in the world. Don't you look so sophisticated. 

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